We are a development company that is focused on building not just a community and homes, but futures. We strive to build a vibrant future for you, for your family, and for your children.

Simeon Park is a reflection and culmination of this philosophy. A strong focus on ethics, clean business practices, family values, and faith—these are the founding principles of who we are and what we practice as a business.


Gene Simeon Walker (1926-2015) epitomizes the pursuit and resilience of The American Dream. In many ways, he can be considered a pioneer in modern entrepreneurship and advanced agriculture. Rising from very rudimentary beginnings, he rose to accomplish success with a vision that was far ahead of his time.

Remaining true to traditional values, he modernized his approach to business and life. From his humble beginnings in agriculture, he developed several high-value properties, each of which symbolized his love for nature and land. “Change” with time—this is what he believed in and his vision formed the cornerstone of the company’s success.

He was a constant innovator and adapted to new advances easily. From humble beginnings, he soon started using innovations such as a helicopter to gather cattle. He had his own airplane and was one of the first to sell cattle at auction via satellite.

In the 1930’s, his father had begun the practice of leasing land to hunters and Walker expanded on the practice significantly.

Though successful, he cherished his family and remained a godly man and inspiring father and his children form the core generation to carry forth his values and his philosophy. His children, too, follow his philosophy and believe in honesty, clean financial transactions, faith in God, and respect for others.