UISD Schools 

Your home would be close to one of the most well-recognized and admired school districts: Click here to learn more about UISD.

UISD considers itself to be a “district of innovation” and strives for academic excellence and creativity. Academic excellence, creativity, and fiscal responsibility are the cornerstones of the district’s track record. Here’s a brief preview of UISD’s report card 2016-2017.



Schools in close proximity include:

Dr. Malakoff Elementary School

Considered the school of the “mighty knights”, Dr. Malakoff Elementary School focuses on delivering the best education possible to its students. A powerful, future-focused curriculum and dedicated staff members are sure to lead your child toward success in the twenty-first century.

Trautmann Middle School

Home of the Mighty Shorthorns and winner of all academic distinctions by the Texas Education Agency, Trautmann Middle School is “the place” for your child’s middle school education. The school focuses on developing well-rounded individuals who excel in academics, extracurricular activities, technology, and overall life success.

United High School

“Longhorn proud” and a pioneer in communication, collaboration, and innovation in education—UHS will be your child’s launchpad for success